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SFRRC Race Captains

San Francisco Road Runners Club has race captains for many of the major/local 2019 Marathons (Kaiser Half, Napa, Oakland, Los Angeles, Boston, Big Sur, Vancouver, Mountains 2 Beach, San Francisco, Berlin, Chicago, New York, CIM) along with the Hot Chocolate Race and North Face Endurance Challenge.

The thoughtfulness and joyful spirit of our race captains help encourage our runners in training for these marathons. Our captains may have a post-Saturday club run breakfast or a dinner/gathering during the training period prior to the
 race. The idea for these casual meals is simply to meet one another, share ideas and preparation, etc. When possible, one of our coaches may join at these gatherings too. And when viable/practical at destination races, our race captains will get a reservation for pasta (with gluten-free pasta options) for early in the evening before the race. Plus, we'll always try to get a team photo sometime race weekend. We hope this will help make your marathon experience a little easier and more enjoyable!

 2019 Race Captains
IVAN VALDESHOT CHOCOLATE 15k/5k - January 13th

As many Mexican kids do, Ivan started running while playing soccer. In high school he joined the track and field team, and ran the uncommon distance of the 1000 meters. After graduating from college and getting out of shape, he started road running. After moving to the Bay Area he discovered trail running, where he spends most of the time on weekends. You can see him in several long distance trail races, and occasionally in road races. After many years of running solo, he joined the club last August along with his wife Erika.

Ivan should, fingers crossed, be one of our first SFRRC runners finished, and will be cheering you all on in the final sprint to the finish. Please join Ivan after you finish and help cheer on the rest of our club. He will aim to get a group photo then. Thanks for your support of the San Francisco Road Runners and kindness and generosity with us, Ivan! You are awesome.

MATT JEUNG | KAISER HALF, 10k and 5k - February 3rd

When he was 7, Matt ran his first race, the Bay to Breakers with his parents and sister. He was grateful that year for the assist up Haye’s street hill by his dad via piggy-back and since then he has associated running with fun, community, humility and a helping hand. Over 20+ Bay to Breakers, 18 marathons, 3 ultramarathons and many stories and friendships later, Matt joined the club at the January 2018 kickoff. Largely, through the help of the club’s encouragement and positive vibes, he pushed himself to his best year of running and is looking forward to more awesomeness.  

Please join Matt and other road runners for a pre-race on Thursday, January 31 at Hi-Dive to talk running and to wish each other well. Matt will be running the half marathon and gathering road runners at the beginning and end of the races for encouragement, along with photos and celebration. Please sign-up and best of luck with your running!



Ever since high school, running has been a part of Kayla (pictured here at our club party) in some capacity. In college she would go for runs when she needed to clear her head but it wasn't until grad school that Kayla became more serious in training. When she first moved to San Francisco, she joined SFRRC and she tells us, it has been great to get to know fellow runners! Kayla has run numerous small races, plus half marathons - now it's time to make the jump to the full marathon. She is excited for the Napa Valley race and a chance to complete a personal goal of hers.  

For those staying up in Napa for the race, Kayla is getting a reservation at ~5pm for anyone who can join our SFRRC crew for a pre-race pasta meal. Additionally, her fiancé Adam (Olympic qualifier hopeful :) will be in the finish line chute cheering everybody on. He'll be wearing an SFRRC shirt - join him and cheer on the other SFRRCers! And we'll get a group photo then too, with medals on!



Anne-laure is originally from Brittany in France and arrived in San Francisco two years ago. She started running in her 30s after being stuck on bedrest during pregnancy. As she told us, she wanted to get in shape, so she bought a sport stroller and “foolishly” signed up for the Chicago Marathon. She’s since run 10 marathons mostly in France. Upon moving to San Francisco, she quickly learned that SFRRC was the best opportunity to meet great runners and discover beautiful routes.  

Anne-laure is participating in the Los Angeles Marathon with her husband Jean-louis. She will suggest to gather in a restaurant before the race to share the tips and to help ease the mindset of all of us. It would be awesome to take a picture of our team at the finish line…with the medals. More to come. Anne-laure will also be in contact about a wine and cheese party, perhaps post-race!



Tommy has been running for many years now. In addition to supporting his eating habit, he really enjoys the camaraderie and outdoor exercise of running with SFRRC to keep the soul clean and happy. Generally Tommy's running a marathon, a couple of halfs, and a long distance relay every year. As he tells us, he's committing malpractice by running our Saturday club runs with the 8:30 group, but despite having a hard time keeping up with the crew he enjoys and admires the style of Robert Hood, the long time pace group leader and a true San Franciscan.

If you're running any of the Oakland races, please click on the race in our calendar to let us know you're taking part. Tommy is going to help put together a gathering before the race and will be in contact with you all. It makes race day and even training a little more fun! :) Thank you Tommy for your terrific support of the San Francisco Road Runners! We really appreciate it.



Alejandra began running in 2012 thinking she could never be a marathoner and doubted her abilities as a runner. She joined a running club in New York and her confidence grew, and did run a marathon, and then another, and kept getting faster. In 2017, Alejandra joined SFRRC and earned an entry to the Boston Marathon. “Being part of the SFRRC helped a lot to achieve this dream.” From being doubtful-to believing-to Boston. She hopes to share the same enthusiasm, love and spirit of running with others.

Alejandra will be bringing together our Boston Marathon team (16 runners this year from SFRRC!) for a shake-out jog on Sunday at 9am along with a pre-race meal with gluten-free pasta options. The afternoon after crossing the finish line we'll be meeting at the race HQ hotel for celebratory toasts before heading off to the post race party at Fenway Park. More:


Elizabeth ran her first marathon back in 2009, and has run about a dozen more in the decade since. Her favorite race so far has been 2017 Chicago Marathon where Elizabeth ran her fastest time, and also where her now-husband proposed at the finish line! She's also dabbled in longer distances, and hopes to complete another 50k in 2019. Elizabeth moved to San Francisco and joined SFRRC in 2018, and tells us she's thrilled to be a part of such a friendly and dedicated running community. You'll see her at Saturday runs, Tuesday track, Thursday Embarcadro runs, and Sunday trails (summer, fall).

Elizabeth is planning to gather our Big Sur team together for a breakfast after one of our Saturday Club Runs in the lead up to to the race, so we can all get to know one another. One of our coaches, Jon Lui, who's run the race a number of times will be joining for breakfast and at the race to share ideas and tips on the race. Plus, Elizabeth's husband will be on hand at the marathon for photos and to cheer our SFRRC crew on!



A native of Vancouver, British Columbia, Alisa's love of running started at an early age when she was a sprinter in middle and high school. She didn't start distance racing until later and completed her first half marathon in 1998, shortly after moving to San Francisco. After completing her second half, she was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer and her running was put on hold while she underwent treatment. Recovery took some time and other activities took precedent, so it wasn't until 2014 when she picked it back up again and she hasn't stopped. Since then, she has completed 5 marathons, 25 additional half marathons and a host of other distance races.

When asked why she loves running, she will enthusiastically tell you that it makes her feel alive. As a soon to be 20 year survivor, running represents health, vitality and gratitude. She joined SFRRC a year ago and loves the camaraderie, the training support and is inspired by the awesome coaches, pace group leaders and fellow runners. She will be running her 6th consecutive BMO Vancouver Marathon race this coming Sunday. This year, she will race in the half marathon, but as race captain, she is looking forward to showcasing her beautiful hometown and giving the San Francisco Road Runners who are running either the marathon or the half, a drive through preview of the course as well as organize get togethers before and after. She returns to Vancouver often to visit family as well as to participate in races and is always happy to suggest great running routes as well as give tips on things to see and do there.


After growing up as a military brat and spending his college years on the East Coast, Ehrik has been thrilled to call the roads and trails of the Bay Area home. His favorite distances are half marathons and 50ks, but is hoping for a fast marathon PR and BQ at this year’s Mountains 2 Beach. You can generally find him at Tuesday’s track workouts or on one of the Peninsula’s many nature preserves.

Ehrik is aiming to gather our M2B team together for a meal before heading to Ventura or a pre-race pasta meal in Ventura. Then look for us all post-race in the finish line area for photos after cheering one another on in the finish line approach.



Leo began running about 10 years ago as a way to be active and outdoors but didn’t contemplate running any race, much less a major marathon. As he tells us, Leo has found great support and camaraderie with the SFRRC. "It has been a incredible privilege and joy to run with such a great group in many routes all over San Francisco." Since joining the club, Leo has run several half marathons, including his very first Half Marathon (San Francisco 1st Half in 2016), and 3 full marathons: Chicago in 2017 and San Francisco & Marine Corps (photo to left), both in 2018. "I’m very happy to be part of such a positive and inspiring running community, it is a blessing and I’m very thankful for it."

Leo will be helping organize a pre-race gathering, along with sharing encouragement, and hopefully getting some team photos of our San Francisco Road Runners on the road to the big race in our beautiful city. Please register for the race on our calendar, so we know everybody who is going.

SPECIAL NOTE: To all you San Francisco Marathoners, SFRRC will have 25 of us as volunteers at the official waterstop at Mile 18 (Mile 5 on the 2nd half Half Marathon) featuring UCAN electrolyte fluids and water, along WITH tons of cheers for each one of our SFRRC competitors.



When Megan joined SFRRC in January 2011, her goal was to run her first half marathon. Tired of running the same route alone, she quickly fell in love with all the benefits the club had to offer – the friendships, support, and fantastic routes each week. After several half marathons, Megan finally agreed in 2014 to run her one and only full marathon. Berlin will now be her fifth; and she can’t imagine doing what she never thought was possible without the amazing 10:00 pace group!

We are delighted to have Megan as our race captain for this year's Berlin Marathon. She’ll organize a pre-race get-together in San Francisco so we can share our travel plans. She’ll also be in touch about meeting up in Berlin for a pre-race dinner, pre-race photo and/or a post-race celebratory toast(s). Please register on the club calendar so Megan can be in contact with all the Berlin runners and so SFRRC can cheer you on too.


Gary’s love of running started as a teenager in San Francisco when he was a sprinter on his middle and high school track teams. He slowly moved up to middles distance and cross country racing where he competed in the CIF Cross Country Finals as a Senior. After taking a long break from running Gary started running local 5Ks to encourage his kids to have a more active lifestyle. In November 2016, Gary ran his first half marathon and was instantly hooked. Six marathons, 31 half marathons and many 5Ks later, the thrill is still there. Gary joined SFRRC in August 2018 and you can usually find him at Tuesday Track Nights. In 2019, he started coaching high school cross country and track. In Chicago, Gary will be running his seventh marathon race where he hopes to BQ.

At the Chicago Marathon, Gary will be organizing an evening pasta dinner for our crew! 



We are thrilled to have William as our race captain for the NYC Marathon. Having lived there for several years, he can answer many questions that our crew may have, and can provide guidance on the course, day of prep, and more. William is in route to running the Six Major marathons. You'll find him at our Saturday Club Runs, at track on Tuesdays, and other SFRRC activities. 

We encourage all running NYC Marathon to sign-up and let us know you're running it. It makes it easier for us to know who we can cheer on and much more. Also, William will set a time and spot for club members to meet (perhaps at the entrance doors to the Marathon Expo or in front of the large course map at the expo) for a photo. He will also email the crew for anyone who would like to join for a pre-race pasta meal. 



Aislinn started running after what she called her lazy college years and has been doing a few races per year since - some 10Ks, many half marathons and a marathon. She got into mountain running in Ireland a few years ago and my love of trails has deepened since moving to the Bay Area less than a year ago. Currently training for her first 50k and love the excuse to get out in the sun (or fog) for a training run with the SFRRC crew. As she tells us, the club and SF running community have inspired and motivated her to aim higher and train harder. And she's super grateful for the amazing running buddies she's gotten to know over the last few months through SFRRC. 

Aislinn would love to get everyone together for dinner and drinks a couple of weeks before the race. She will be in contact.



While Carlos is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, he spent 11 years in the Midwest before moving to San Francisco last summer. He started running to lose weight after college and became hooked once he finished his first half marathon. Now, Carlos enjoys racing any (and all) distances from the 5K up to the Marathon. His favorite place to run in SF is Golden Gate Park and you can usually find him on Saturday’s long run. 

CIM will be Carlos’s fourth marathon (and first since 2016). He’s excited to gather everyone for a pre-race pasta dinner in Sacramento. He’s even more excited to toe the starting line in Folsom with everyone and enjoy the post-race celebration afterwards. 


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