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SFRRC Board of Directors

Thanks for choosing the San Francisco Road Runners. It is our honor and privilege to serve you. And it is our hope and intention to steer our runners along enjoyable paths to bright places. We look forward to seeing you and your smiling faces this Saturday or soon.

If you have suggestions/ways to make things better, please talk to us. Then, consider sharing your talents to help us.
Together we're better. Thank you!


Lisa is one of the founding members who created the SFRRC in 2001. A track and distance runner since age 15, she firmly believes that running changes lives. After serving on the Board as everything from route creator to vice president of operations in the early years of the club, Lisa settled into her favorite role as coach, helping her fellow club mates to achieve their running goals. In addition to running more than 20 marathons, she has also done numerous triathlons and trail runs, and is even contemplating an ultra or two. Lisa returned to the SFRRC Board in the fall of 2016 with renewed energy and passion to enhance the club experience for all our members. 



John's hope/intention for the San Francisco Road Runners is to help build a place for the city's running community to thrive, so everybody (no matter their pace) knows they have a "running" home in San Francisco. He first joined the club for a run in 2013 on our “Run for Boston” night from Kezar Stadium. And thought then, after a long time since “training” for a marathon, what good group of people and opportunity SFRRC offered. He's greatly enjoyed the camaraderie with other runners and the accountability that comes with the territory. John says he could not have run as well or have enjoyed running again like he has without SFRRC. He ran competitively in this youth and along with his brother has run marathons on the 7 Continents including AntarcticaCome run with us! 

Special Note: sincere gratitude to Jenn Davis, co-president these past two years (until August 2019), who has helped us so much in shaping this kind, caring, and fun community of runners. SFRRC wouldn't be what it is today without her. May we long continue on the path that Jenn has helped steer us onto... for we are, for sure, better together. 



What started as an earnest desire to keep active after many years of team sports (basketball, volleyball, soccer) and a stark realization that no NBA, Olympics, or Premier League future was in the cards, has become an over decade and a half adventure in running and quest for continuous improvement. Raul (pictured here with the "mayor of running" Bart Yasso) joined SFRRC in 2010, immersed himself in the discipline, highs as well as challenges of running, cherished the friendships formed and nurtured through the years, and amassed an impressive (> 250 pairs!) collection of running shoes (and yes, socks). To date, he has completed 20 combined US and international marathons along with an equal number of half-marathons, most of which were accomplished after joining SFRRC. Raul is as much a student of running as he is an evangel for sharing experiences, knowledge, and the joys of running as a lifestyle. When not training for a race, he loves to travel (of course, with running gear always packed) indulging in a not too infrequent apple fritter as a reward.



Joyce returned to running 20 years after high school where she ran cross country during junior and senior years. Her initial intent was to check off that box next to “run one half marathon” but it has turned into much more…16 half marathons, 2 marathons (and a bunch of 5/10/15Ks) to be exact.   
She was thrilled to have finally discovered SFRRC! She knew right away that the club was a perfect fit for her and has been a member since the club kick off in January 2017. Joyce tells us, “SFRRC is such a great run club, I wish I had known about it sooner! Running with SFRRC has been tremendous in helping me achieve PRs that I never imagined I could achieve; and I have learned that consistency is key—consistency in running weekly mileage, doing speed work at the track, and running long slow runs slowwww. Over the past 5 years, I have seen steady improvement in my speed, and I am now faster than I was in high school. Running has truly become an integral part of my life that I often feel “weird” if I don’t run for a day.”     

You can usually find Joyce at the Saturday Club Runs in the 10:00 pace group, at the Track on Tuesdays, and at SFRRC/SB Presidio on Wednesdays. 



After growing up as a military brat and spending his college years on the East Coast, Ehrik has been thrilled to call the roads and trails of the Bay Area home. His favorite distances are half marathons and 50ks, but is hoping for a fast marathon PR and BQ at this year’s Mountains 2 Beach. You can generally find him at Tuesday’s track workouts or on one of the Peninsula’s many nature preserves.



Erica is a native of Los Angeles and comes from a family of runners, her mom has completed more than 100 marathons. She moved to San Francisco in 2016 and has been a SFRRC member since. Erica has completed more than 15 marathons including Chicago, Marine Corp, and New York City along with more than 60 half marathons. You can see her at Tuesday Track and on the Saturday Runs along with her husband Nolan.



Grace joined SFRRC in 2008 after a friend encouraged her to join. As a beginning runner, she participated in Running 101 and eventually became an avid runner finishing her first 10k race within the same year.  Since then, she's gone on to run a 5k, five half-marathons, and two marathons over the years. It has been the enthusiasm, and encouragement of both coaches and runners that challenged her to race and complete marathons. Currently, Grace is active in track workouts with future goals of running more marathons in 2018!


Chelsey joined SFRRC in 2018 when she moved to San Francisco following Kraftwerk on tour. She has run a few marathons, a few more half marathons, and one extremely painful beer mile. In 2019, she'll be running the LA Marathon and Mountains 2 Beach in Ventura. Come say hello to her Tuesday nights at the track or on the Saturday club runs!



Aude joined SFRRC in July 2018, after seeing how much fun everyone was having doing Yassos at Kezar for the 4th of July. It was her first time joining a running group and she immediately loved the sense of community and camaraderie. She only started running in her thirties and got hooked as she trained for her first Marathon (Big Sur 2016!). Since then she’s ran ten marathons including Paris (where she’s from), Boston 2 Big Sur, Chicago and Napa. She loves both the personal challenges that running brings as well as the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Bay Area, discover new places, and share all of this with friends. She’s looking forward to continuing her running journey through half marathons, marathons and ultras, and helping the running community to thrive.



Since 2008, Matt has run various marathons (20) and ultramarathons (5), because he enjoys the camaraderie and energy of track and marathons as well as the peace, adventure and challenge of trail running and ultra distances. As a relatively recent member of SFRRC (January 2018) and an SF native, Matt has found his running home in SFRRC and has had the greatest time connecting with his fellow road runners. SFRRC has taught him that whatever your background, running can bring people together. As volunteer coordinator, Matt aims to build and grow SFRRC’s volunteer energy and participation. Through volunteering, we show our respect and compassion for our fellow runners and we build a stronger, friendlier and better SFRRC and running community. It’s only because of our member’s kindness, service and generosity that we are successful; so with deepest gratitude, thank you to the SFFRC volunteers!



Always driven to achieve his goals and to back his claims, Rick realized he had to run a marathon at the young age of 40 shortly after claiming to his father that he thought he could do it. It turned out to be a lot harder than he expected, but though the accomplishment he became hooked on running. As he relates, "It really does feel like I found a part of my life that was missing. I'm grateful for every day I get to run." Rick joined SFRRC in 2018 and credits his Boston qualifying time to the club. "I always used to underestimate the value of a community, but the truth is... it is absolutely critical. The SFRRC team educated me, pushed me, kept me on track, and was there to meet me at the end. Thank you, SFRRC!"  You can usually find Rick on Saturday mornings in the 8:00 pace group or at the Track on Tuesday. Next up: Boston

Rick has spent most of his career as an entrepreneur and attributes his success to his ability to develop win-win relationships between his clients and customers. As a board member of the SFRRC, he brings this orientation to the role, and wholeheartedly seeks to develop alignment between SFRRC and its Sponsors.



Danny joined SFRRC in 2017, determined to run his first marathon. After 6 months of early morning long runs, spinach turmeric smoothies, blistered feet, and sore calves, he finished the Oakland Marathon in 183rd place! Since then, he hasn't looked back. He has run 3 half marathons and a 30k, and has made many great friends along the way. You can usually find Danny at the Saturday Club Runs in the 8:30 pace group running in his Luna sandals.



Shawn joined SFRRC in early 2019 after a good friend encouraged him to do so. He has been a runner since 7th grade, but was a little slower back then. Luckily, he stuck with it over the years and continues to fall in love with the sport more and more everyday and aims to encourage others to start running. He ran cross country and track in high school and took a break from racing up until last year when he completed his first marathon and was fortunate to qualify for Boston 2019. Currently, Shawn is starting to train more heavily and aims to complete all six World Marathon Majors in under 3 hours.



Shagun joined the San Francisco Road Runners Club in 2012, with the aim to train for and run her first marathon, which she did in 2013. She has since run more marathons and half marathons, and plans to do many more. Shagun loves the camaraderie of SFRRC and running in our beautiful city. As she tells us "SFRRC is an important part of my life where I have formed great friendships and realized my running dreams. I want to continue to give back to our club and am happy for the opportunity to be on the Board. I look forward to contributing my energy in making SFRRC the club of choice for those running in San Francisco."


Troy gladly joined SFRRC in May 2018 after just one run with the club. In addition to benefiting from all the good coaching provided from the San Francisco Road Runners, Troy tells us he loves being around a terrific group of people who share a passion for running. Trying out for his high school baseball team, Troy accidentally qualified for the track team and cross country team. Ask him to tell you the story, haha. He’s been running ever since! His favorite club runs are our Saturday morning runs and our Tuesday evening track workouts at Kezar Stadium. He’s ran a few marathons and his favorite was in Khon Kaen, Thailand. He dreams of qualifying for Boston. On our club runs (and anywhere he goes), you’ll find Troy welcoming others, laughing, and building community.


Positions above began - Board: November 2018, President: August 2019, Board: October 2019 (Board positions are two-year teams with about half turning over each year)
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